About freethebook

Welcome to the online spot for our book club. We don’t have a name yet – just curiosity and a willingness to talk about books. There are a lot of books out there and never enough time to read them. This blog is our conversation about the books we have read and the types of books we are reading collectively. Sometimes we will tell you about what each of us is reading individually and sometimes we will tell you about the books we are reading as a book club.

We don’t all read the same book; our interests are too diverse for that. We do choose a genre or type of book to read and get together to talk about what we are reading.

If you are interested in reading, please join us. We want to know what you are reading too.

A few reminders regarding blogging:

1. Please choose an online name that does not include your last name.

2. Please be mindful of netiquette in your posts. This is a forum to discuss the books we like and to encourage others to read new things.

3. Please remember anything you post can be viewed by your teachers and family. This blog is an area for public discussion.


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