The Amazing Spider-Man Directed by Marc Webb

spidermanBibliographic Information:

Webb, M., Vanderbilt, J., Sargent, A., Kloves, S., Ziskin, L., Arad, A., Tolmach, M., … Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (Firm). (2012). The amazing Spider-Man. Culver City, Calif: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

136 minutes

Plot Summary:

Peter lives with his aunt and uncle after the disappearance of his parents as a child. When he finds a mysterious briefcase of his father, it leads him to his father’s partner, Dr. Connors, a researcher in a lab. While at the lab, he is bitten by a spider, which leads to the creation of Spider-Man.

When an experiment goes wrong, turning Dr. Connors into the Lizard, Peter knows it is his responsibility to stop him.

Critical Evaluation:

Peter Parker is facing all the same insecurities and concerns as other teenagers. He is interested in a girl at school, Gwen Stacy, but does not know how to talk to her. Peter has to deal with a school bully and try to find a way to fit in with the other students in his school. He also has unresolved issues around the disappearance of his parents.

The development of Parker’s character when he finds he has superpowers is interesting. Of course, he thinks they are cool and wants to learn more about them. Further, as he draws closer to Dr. Connors and experiments with his powers, he pulls away from his uncle and aunt as he is trying to figure out who he is going to be. Even though he is rebelling he is still understands responsibility and consequences. His uncle’s death was a watershed moment for him. Prior to his death, Peter was willing to let the thief walk away. After his death he was still focused on the negative as he was looking for revenge instead of justice. It was not until he heard the police’s side of the story and rescued the child on the bridge that he realized that he had a responsibility and his focus should not be what he wants.

The director, Marc Webb, humanized the superhero by focusing on the teenager and his development and allowing the watcher to bring their knowledge of the hero to the film. This decision adds a depth to the character that is not there in some of the previous iterations.

Reader’s Annotation:

Spider-Man be fighting a gigantic lizard but the focus of this film is his alter-ego, the teenager Peter Parker.

Information About the Author:

Director Marc Webb was born in Bloomington, Indiana on August 31, 1974. He originally went to Colorado College to study English but within a semester he was pursuing filmmaking professionally. He started directing music videos and was awarded a 2006 Director of the Year Award from the Music Video Production Association. In the music industry he has worked with 3 Doors Down, P. Diddy, and Green Day.

His first feature film was the romantic-comedy, 500 Days of Summer. The Amazing Spider-Man is his second feature (Marc Webb Bio, 2013).


  • Action and adventure films
  • Science fiction films
  • Superheroes

Curriculum Ties:

  • Digital film class

Booktalking Ideas:

Reading Level/Interest Age:

  • Ages 12 and up
  • Rating: PG-13; for sequences of action and violence.

Challenge Issues:

  • N/A

Why did you include this resource in the titles you selected?:

Superheroes have a large following in books, graphic novels, comics, and movies. A good collection will carry a selection in all mediums.


“The transformation scenes are tremendous. Having been bitten, Garfield’s Parker goes into a delirious, feverish state, pop-eyed with anxiety and over-excitement as his body assumes new strength and the ability to hang upside down.”.


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