Back in the Bigs: How Winnipeg won, lost, and regained its place in the NHL by Randy Turner

back in the bigsBibliographic Information:

Turner, R. (2011). Back in the bigs. Winnipeg: Winnipeg Free Press. (978-0968257562)

Plot Summary:

Hockey in Winnipeg, Manitoba is serious business. When the Jets returned to Winnipeg in 2011, sports writer Randy Turner explores the history of the team before it went south in 1996 and professional hockey in Winnipeg.

Critical Evaluation:

Back in the Bigs’ large format allows readers to enjoy the many pictures sprinkled through the pages. The writing is accessible and tells a great story of failure and the triumph in the saga of NHL hockey in Manitoba.

Reader’s Annotation:

Manitoba was without an NHL team for a long time before the Jets returned for the 2011-2012 season. But, the desire for a return to the Bigs never died.

Information About the Author:

Randy Turner is a native Manitoban and have covered sports for the Winnipeg Free Press, a local paper, for twenty years (Randy Turner, 2013).

After Randy graduated from Boissevain High School in the late 1970’s, he attended the Creative Communications program at Red River Community College. In 1987, he began working on the Rural page for the Winnipeg Free Press. In 2011, he became a general sports columnist and in 2011 he became a general features writer for the paper.

Throughout his time with the Free Press, he was covered high school hockey to Grey Cups and World Junior hockey championships. Turner has been nominated for three National Newspaper Awards in sports writing (Randy Turner, Reporter 2013).


  • Nonfiction
  • National Hockey League
  • Winnipeg Jets
  • Hockey

Curriculum Ties:

  • N/A

Booktalking Ideas:

  • Talk about how the Jets did this year – pull the stats
    • Segue into how they came back to Winnipeg
  • Show clip of the reaction when it was announced that the Jets were coming back to Winnipeg.

Reading Level/Interest Age:

  • Ages 10 and up

Challenge Issues:

  • N/A

Why did you include this resource in the titles you selected?:

Back in the Bigs tells the story of the Jets in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It should be in all schools in the province .


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