High School eBook Collection by Infobase Publishing

infobaseBibliographic Information:

Infobase Learning`s High School eBook Collection (2013) by Infobase Publishing. See Infobas website for more informationhttp://www.infobasepublishing.com/eBookLanding.aspx?eBooks=1

Plot Summary:

An ebook database of over 3600 books that support curriculum at a high school level.

infobase full screenCritical Evaluation:

Infobase eBook database provides over 3000 nonfiction books from a variety of publishers including Facts on File, Bloom`s, and Chelsea House.

Users can access the books through the subject directory, on the left side. The subjects support the curriculum at a high school level including Ancient History, Biographies, Careers & Education and Economy & Business to name a few.

Users can search all the books using the search box in a full text search or in a title search. Users also have an option to use an Advanced Search. Alternately, users can search within a particular title or click on a specific chapter.

An Internet connection is required to access the ebooks. At this time, the books cannot be downloaded on a personal device. As a result, the database allows unlimited simultaneous access to users, a definite benefit for school homework.

Reader’s Annotation:

Infobase ebooks database is an excellent online database that allows users to search across all 3600 books with one search.

Information About the Author:

Infobase is a leading provider of books and databases to the school market. Infobase encompasses well-known names such as Facts on File, Chelsea House, Bloom`s Literary Criticism, and Ferguson Publishing (About us).


  • nonfiction

Curriculum Ties:

  • Most curriculum area covered

Booktalking Ideas:

  • Can be added to most pathfinders to support research

Reading Level/Interest Age:

  • Ages 12 and up

Challenge Issues:

  • N/A

Why did you include this resource in the titles you selected?:

Finding good nonfiction materials to support curriculum can be difficult. Infobase provides an excellent product at a reasonable price. We decided to get a trial subscription to the ebook database this year.


About us. (n.d.). Retreived from http://www.infobasepublishing.com/AboutUs.aspx



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