Chess (board game)

chessBibliographic Information:

Chess board – can purchase at any toy store. I have included the purchasing information from Amazon.

CHH CHH2145B Hardwood Chess Set with Handle, 16-Inch

Item model number: CHH2145B


Plot Summary:

Chess is a strategy game played by 2 people. The object of the game is to capture your opponent’s king.

Critical Evaluation:

Chess is a popular strategy game played by 2 people. It is a good game to have in the library because the two opponents can have quiet conversation while playing.

Also, I find the students will often play Chess on their computers, I think the physical board does encourage a connection with other people as students will often gather around and watch.

Reader’s Annotation:

Defeat your opponent by capturing his king. Sounds simple but beware of the traps he is setting for you.

Information About the Author:

• N/A


• Board game

• Strategy game

Curriculum Ties:

• Supports Chess Club

• Strategy, decision making

Booktalking Ideas:

• N/A

Reading Level/Interest Age:

• Ages 12 and up

Challenge Issues:

• N/A

Why did you include this resource?:

Chess is a popular game in our school. We have a chess club that meets regularly but there have been several occasions when I have been asked if we have a board in the library.


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