The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim by Bethesda Softworks

Bibliographic Information:

Bethesda Games Studio. (2011). The elder scrolls V: Skyrim. Rockville: Bethesda Softworks. (ASIN: B004S0PNUK)

Platform: Xbox 360

Plot Summary:

The dragons have returned led by their dragon leader, Alduin. It appears that you are one of the Dragonborn and have the power to kill the dragons and stop them from and rising and destroying the world.

Critical Evaluation:

Skyrim is a role playing game in which you can choose what type of character you play. You can choose if your character is a good person or a bad person. In the side questions you have the opportunity to become an assassin, for example, or join the Thieves Guild. You can play the game as a Rebel or part of the Imperial Legion. You can choose your race which gives you different abilities.

You can also make weapons and armor, spells, and abilities. There are monsters, troll, ogres that populate the game to kill. You can use “shouts” (the way dragons speak to each other) – magical ability the player has that gets stronger when you kill a dragon and steal its soul so it doesn’t come back to life.

Complex storyline with a lot of detail. Lot of choices of what to do and how to play the game.

Reader’s Annotation:

Kill dragons and steal their souls to gain the strength needed to defeat the dragon’s leader, Alduin.

Information About the Author:

Bethesda Games Studio is part of the ZeniMax Media,worldwide publisher of interactive entertainment software including The Evil Within, the Knife of Dunwall, and Dishonored. For more information, please see their website at


  • Role-playing video game

Curriculum Ties:


Booktalking Ideas:

  • Show the opening sequence of the game
  • Talk about the different types of characters and ask who they would like to be.

Reading Level/Interest Age:

  • Ages 17 (but the teenagers much younger are playing it)
  • ESRB Rating : Mature 17+

Challenge Issues:

  • Violence

Challenge plan:

  1. Listen to the critic to understand what the concerns are.

a) Ask if he/she has played the game.

b) Ask if he/she has spoken to his/her child about the concerns.

  1. Explain rationale for including video games in the collection

a)      Provide CLA Position Statement on Intellectual Freedom and CLA’s Position Statement of Diversity and Inclusion documents

b)      Provide school’s selection policy

c)       Provide list of reviews/lists

  1. If necessary, provide a “Request for Reconsideration form”

Please note, in all honesty, I could not include this game in my school collection. It does not fit our selection policy.

Why did you include this title?:

I included this title because it was recommended to me by a couple of teen gamers. The gaming sites give it good reviews.

Although the rating is mature, I am told by the gamers that this is the type of game they play.



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