Paper Covers Rock by Jenny Hubbard

Four friends take a bottle to the river to secretly share. While enjoying this respite from school, a dare ends in the death of a friend and a subsequent cover-up of the events to save the survivors from expulsion. When Miss Dovecott, an English teacher who sees Alex as a fledgling writer, starts asking questions about the accident, Alex confesses his confusion and guilt in a journal he hides in the library as he tries to deal with his accountability and feelings of guilt. As he reviews the events leading to the tragedy Alex starts to question if the death was really an accident.

Jenny Hubbard has taken a tragedy and, by using the convention of a journal, has created a tightly coiled, emotionally charged tale that looks at the greys that can exist between truth, fear and self-preservation. The result is painful, beautiful, and in the true sense of the word, terrible. The use of poetry and references to other literacy works adds an additional depth to her tale.

This one is worth reading, gentlemen.


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