Social media considerations

One of the things I have learned during my time at SJSU is to be judicious in the social media I use. There are so many great social media tools that we can add to our toolbox. As information professionals, it is important to be aware of the trends and to practice with the tools but we need to also remember that tools are meant to help us. If we aren’t careful, these same tools can become time wasters.

So, a few suggestions:

  1. Choose a bookmarking tool that works for you. Delicious and Diigo  are two popular ones. Pinterest and Evernote (I love this tool) are also very popular.
  2. If you use Facebook, take a careful look at what is public. Remember you want to ensure your digital image is professional. Another social networking tool you may consider trying is Linkedin
  3. Check your digital footprint – do a search for yourself. What type of information comes up?  I know employers do this – I have done myself when hiring.
  4. Consider how you are managing how you receive information – do you use a news aggregator, twitter,; it is much more effective to have the information come to you than you trying to find new material all the time.
  5. Back up, back up, back up. You can, of course, use D2L to back up your documents but you might want to try Dropbox or Google Docs. The neat thing about these tools is you can share a document, or set of files, with a group you are working with.
  6. Get comfortable using Blackboard. You will be using it a lot during your time with SJSU so get comfortable with it quickly.

You may be interested in the following Youtube video about social media by totalprofit:

Social Media Revolution


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