Paladin Prophecy by Mark Frost

I finished reading The Paladin Prophecy over Spring Break; a difficult task as my son kept beating me to the Kindle – a sure sign that a book will be successful. I think I won this race because I am a faster reader. I can’t arm wrestle him for the books anymore –  he’s as big as me.

As the cowriter of the screenplay for the film Fantastic Four, Mark Frost knows how to create a fast paced, action filled plot with more twists and turns than a rollercoaster. In this modern fantasy, Will West has been taught to stay in the middle of the pack by his careful parents. In fact, rule number 3 in “Dad’s List of Rules to Live By” is: Don’t draw attention to yourself. When Will scores unexpectedly high on a nationwide test he suddenly learns why he should always live by Dad’s rules.

Now as Will is hiding from the men in black who kidnapped his parents in an exclusive prep-school, he finds himself in the middle of an out-of-this world plot involving a secret society, guardian angels, computer games, and creatures from the Never-Was. Lucky for Will, he has found a cadre of friends as unusual as he turning out to be.

Frost has created a superhero plot worthy of any Marvel comic. What saves this story from being too excessive is Frost’s use of humor and the central focus on Will’s struggle to understand the bizarre world he is now part of.

If the reader is willing to suspend his disbelief long enough to be caught in the suspense he will enjoy the ride – and look out for the sequel.

For ages 12 and up. 3/5 stars.

The Paladin Prophecy will be in stores in September 2012


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