Dystopian fiction

The end of the world as we know it…

Dystopian fiction is extremely popular right now. You can find dystopian fiction across many genres, but science fiction, fantasy, and realistic (futuristic) fiction predominate. Dystopian fiction has also been described as anti-utopian.  A dystopian plot generally occurs in a repressive and controlled state. The society features repressive social controls and coercion where citizen’s lives are closely regulated. Classic dystopian literature often was a form of political satire.

Today, dystopian fiction and post-apocalyptic literature are often blended together with authors considering what the world will be like after “the end” – whatever the author defines that as being.

So, for our reading list I have tried to provide titles of books across genres and styles. After you have read a book, please consider reviewing it for the rest of the group or add or comments to a review that has been made.



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